Great show, thanks Kathryn!

Happy Baby

Sammy The Cat

Coco The Dog

Rachael and Patrick

Bride and Groom


Young Family


Kathryn Gaiennie's Photos.

Original straight from phone

Tweaked by removing crane, slight decrease in highlights and slight increase in shadows.


     We welcome Kathryn Gaiennie to the show for a conversation about people and pet photography. See some of her work on this page below the London scene and more at www.kgfinephotocom.. Kathryn has been a stellar member of the Shreveport art scene for 30 plus years and has studied, grown and kept up with technological and artistic progress the entire time. Expanding from children portraiture to families, groups, dogs, cats, horses, and weddings. Kathryn blends a love and respect for light with attention to  the detail of composition and perfect timing to capture her subjects. Tune in to hear how its done.

        We will also have our standard features of Smart Smartphone tips, Mollie's Minute of Instagram with Mollie Corbett and the Techno Tip featuring fine focus technique. The Smart Smartphone tip will deal with things you can do to enhance your shot after its taken. A good example is below. Nina, my daughter in law,  was struck by the dramatic lighting over London as she was walking from work and took the following picture  with a very old iPhone. As you can see the framing, composition and organization in the image are spot on and the photo stands strong as taken. Proof you should not worry about what camera you have, take the picture. As an excercise in what can be done, it was enhanced with a slight (less than one stop) adjustment of the highlights down and the shadows up and then the crane on the right side was removed. Total "alteration" time was less than 2 minutes, but the impact is noticeable. Both have merit, but a good example what a small tweak can do. Hope you enjoy!

improving your everyday photos​