Barbara Beaird

Shreveport Louisiana has a great musical tradition. Elvis at the Municipal Auditorium, back in the day. Bob Dylan at the same in 2016. Local talent makes for a vibrant music scene and here to capture it  are two talented, dedicated music loving photographers who bring vision and technical photo skills to their obvious passion. For years Barbara Beaird has had her camera ready at  the local joints,the REVEL, House Concerts and about anywhere music is played. As you can see and feel in her images she gets up close and personal while never missing a beat in her composition. MC Rollo, has shot musicians across the country, from the Kinks Ray Davies to our own local greats. The vision and diligence she brings to capture and convey the essence of the performer is staggering. And the best news is they are great friends with great stories to tell and tips to give, which is exactly what they will do December 6, 2016 on Red River Radio's The Better Picture. Tune in live on air or at to hear them answer your questions. Better still, call in a question at 800-552-8502 December 6, 2016 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. Now enjoy some of their works they have previewed for you here.

For those interested, a good tips section on photographing musicians can be found at

MC Rollo 

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