March 14, 2017 our guest is Doug Collier, a native of Florida, long time resident of Louisiana and a traveller of the world. Doug is one of those photographers who has done, and can do about anything you need done with a camera. From a 1st year in High School photography class Doug knew what he wanted to do. Rising in the ranks of school paper, yearbook and sports he went on to study photography in college and has specialized in newspaper work for years. He has been from Miami to Wyoming covering high school soccer to the Clintons. Now residing in Shreveport Louisiana, Doug not only knows where to be to get the shot, but he knows how to make the most of the situation when he is there. Architecture, portraits, products, or events, Doug has done it. tune in March 14, 2017 to hear his stories and join the conversation as you ask him questions. Doug has provided us a sampler below where you can see his range. For more information or photo needs go to or call Doug at (318) 623-2847.

Doug Collier

March 14, 2017

improving your everyday photos​