The Better Picture presents Michael and Leslie ElliottSmith on March 22,2016 at 6:00 pm. Michael and Leslie are artists of the first order and photography is their chosen medium for creating captivating images as shown below. Married and working together they have a combined total of over 250 juried exhibits, numerous individual shows, a two  person exhibition and so many awards and permanent collections that a listing would unduly delay a chance to review the sampler they have provided below. Michael and Leslie reside in Alexandria, Louisiana, right here in the Red River Radio listening area.

      Working with infrared or combining several images they take the use of photography to new heights in presenting an artist's vision. This is not just representational photography capturing what is visible to all of us, this is messaging and creating images that challenge us. So join us March 22 at 6:00 pm to hear how photographs can entice us into serious reflection. You are also invited to call in to Michael and Leslie on how and why they do the things they present. I include a sampler of each below and for more information you can go to to view more of Michael's work and to catch up with Leslie. Michael and Leslie are friends of mine who manage to simultaneously inspire and intimidate. Join me as I introduce them to you.

Michael's Sampler

As an aside, Michael sent me an advance view of this image many years ago. I looked at it for 30 minutes and called him to buy it. Print #1 hangs on my wall as I type this. I still find new things in it.

Leslie's Sampler

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