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Michael Donnella
May 29, 2018
6:00 PM live

Michael Donnella

Michael Donnella is the guest for the Tuesday,  May 29, 2018 show on Red River Radio. Show time is 6:00 pm and call in questions and comments welcome at  800-552-8502. Michael is the Director of Compliance at Murphy Oil in Eldorado, Arkansas but his interest in images is global. He came to Arkanasa via Chicago and Philadelphia, has enjoyed photography since being allowed to use his mother's Kodak Brownie Bullet camera as a child. He has learned from his mistakes (and those of others), and has therefore learned a lot. He  is proud to be part of a curiously long list of photographers who are also lawyers. His love of music, participation in various symphony boards, love of sports, personalities, and movement and his world wide travel have given him access to wonderful vantage points for his camera. As you can see, he has taken advantage of them.  Michael has shared some photos that show the breath of his work. More can be seen at his page but for now, you can enjoy these.