We are in for a treat on our next show. AP Photographer Gerald Herbert is our guest and he brings stories from places we just do not get to go. Inside the White House, the Rose Garden, Air Force One, behind the barricades with candidates and world leaders, in the air over  the BP Oil Spill platform, on the ground in Haiti, Ground Zero in New York etc. We get a chance to have a conversation with and put questions to a real hard working news photographer who seems to have been pretty much everywhere. I am attaching several of his photos that will give you an idea of the places and people he has had access to photograph. Some are a bit disturbing, but we live in a disturbing world and really need the Gerald Herberts willing to bring us unvarnished images of what is really happening. More importantly, on October 27 he will be available to you, the listeners to ask him what it is like to be trusted to bring pictures of Presidents and  world events. As you can imagine, Gerald has taken 100's of thousands photographs. We haven't even touched on sports with Washington Redskins or the New Orleans Saints, Pakistan and Afghanistan, LSU baseball and more. Hopefully the images below will give you a quick look into the life of a working press photographer. Join Gerald on air on the 27th to find out what it is like.

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