improving your everyday photos​

There are a great number of fantastic website with photo tips from beginner level up to working with infared images on a digital camera. A simple spin through Google will get you tons of options. I have listed some sites here that I have found to be reliable resources. Some are just equipment reviews, some just photo tips, and some have both.  Many are free. We all like to talk about our passion for photography, and some offer actual course work. They are listed here in no particular order and listing does not mean I endorse or have any working relationship with any, only that I have found them to be trustworthy and helpful.  A very through in depth discussion of camera equipment with the most current offerings and  a great archive of older equipment. May offer more information than you can digests at once, but they sell no product and have high integrity.  A large site with equipment suggestions, camera tips, a down home folksy photo philosophy.  Is a very basic beginner level with segments on people, things, lighting etc.  Beginning advice. Segment on 40 rules (spoiler alert, the last one is to break the rules) is quick reminder of the basics.  Some good sections on different type photo lessons. Some a step up in sophistication.

Most major camera brands Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, etc, have web pages with tips from their pros. Obvious effort to sell their products, but they do share lots of good tips and usually have forums for camera specific questions.