Mark and Mike Mangham posted some vintage photos of Southern Hills to a Facebook page and got a a great response. Mike blended some of the old shots with some new ones and got numerous requests for more. With his twin brother they began expanding to downtown Shreveport shots applying their then/now magic. The twins blended old and new into a search for a glimpse of the past and a desire to preserve what is left. Twin Blends was born and has moved on to time warping images dealing with drone photography combined with old scene captures. Their photos work on many levels through many ages. Mike and Mark join us on The Better Picture to talk about what they did, what they do, what is possible and more. Join us and for fullest most authentic experience dig out your old transistor radio and play alongside side your digital one. This should be fun!

The Twins have provided us with some samples of what can be done. Enjoy as is but better still find some 80 year old friends and look at them together. These should open wonderful conversations and keep history alive.To see more visit twinblendsphotography on Facebook.

Twin Blends
August 28, 2018
6:00 PM live

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